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Native Plant Design

Using native plants in a landscape design provides beauty, functionality, and reduced maintenance cost. In addition, the plants have a better survival rate since they have already adapted to climate, soils, and water.

The following are ways to incorporated native plants into an Austin design:

  • Native plants for shade gardens
  • Striking autumn and spring colors
  • Deer resistant plants
  • Plants that attract butterflies or beneficial insects
  • Plants prefered by certain bird species
  • Evergreen shrubs and trees to create privacy barriers
  • Easy-to-grow evergreen groundcovers
  • Attractive and low-maintenance flowering shrubs
  • Natural wildflower field or meadow
  • Organic pond or creek
  • Botanical gardens

Designers at Allandale Lawn & Landscape incorporate many natural elements to a landscape design. It is important to consider year-round weather conditions as well as animal influences in the area.